Tuesday, April 19, 2005


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WE HAVE A POPE! Thank God. Let's move on, shall we?

Today's Sacramento Bee carries a brief puff piece by J. Freedom duLac on the growing weather team at KCRA-3 Sacto. Plus, a quick shout to former KNCI midday talent/music director (and chef extraordinaire) Jennifer Wood, now holding a similar job at co-owned KYMX. Read on, if you dare, at www.sacticket.com.

Is there a more "real" anchor guy in Sacto than KCRA/WB58 prime time guy John Alston? Rock solid in any situation, and not willing to take himself too seriously. Worth the watch, and particularly good with Sarah Gardner on WB58 at 10pm.

Tribune loves the morning TV news business. In about two months, the madness spreads to KTXL-40 in Sacto. They'll go up against the three national shows, plus Armstrong & Getty on WB58 and "Good Day Sacramento" on UPN31. And with the FOX 40 News 10pm show not exactly setting ratings records, this could be an uphill fight.

Meanwhile, down in Fresno, Pappas' KMPH-26 continues to squeeze out modest ratings with its four-hour "Great Day" show. It's showing signs of growth, and credit ND Roger Gadley for hiring three attractive women to make the redoutable Kopi Sotiropolous smile each morning as co-anchors.

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