Monday, April 25, 2005


RANDOM RANTINGS: "Jack" in Your Box

"Jack," "Bob," and various other "we play anything" radio stations are springing up everywhere, it seems. Stations in Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake City have flipped on the "shuffle" switch in the last three days. Locally, the Sacramento area has "Bob," the former "Real Country 92.1," playing "anything" without DJs (for now). Problem is, the station is already recycling songs.

Wasn't the general idea to play anything? I could be wrong, but you shouldn't be hearing the same song again once every four days or so...not if your music library contains everything. Half the music on "Bob" sounds like they walked across the hall to "Flash 103.9" and stole -- er, borrowed, the CD collection from the 80s format.

DUOPOLY DISCUSSION: Viacom now owns KOVR-13 and KMAX-31. This is nothing but good news for KOVR, its long-suffering staff and its loyal, if comparatively smaller, audience. Viacom's television division is strong, with good management and a commitment to market leadership. Plus, it has become quite the duopoly specialist, with strong growth in its two-station operations in Los Angeles, Miami and Dallas. KOVR has a laundry list of needs, including better equipment; its own radar system; and a new news set. Kim Khazei was anchoring the first time we saw the newsroom as the background for KOVR 13 News, and that was in 1994!

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