Monday, April 18, 2005


SF: All in The Family (Stations)

Family Stations and Infinity Broadcasting are doing business in San Francisco. Family, a large privately-held religious broadcaster based in Oakland, will acquire KFRC-AM 610 San Francisco from Infinity, which picks up KEAR-FM 106.9 San Francisco (originally the flagship of Family's radio network). Terms were not disclosed.

KFRC has been simulcasting KFRC-FM 99.7's oldies format for many years, except for Oakland A's baseball. KFRC-AM is the flagship for the A's, and will remain so through the end of this season. KEAR's format of traditional Christian music and bible teaching will segue to KFRC-AM, as will the KEAR call letters.

Infinity also announced it will sell San Jose Hot Adult Contemporary station KEZR and San Francisco AC station KBAY. The completion of all the deals will give Infinity a half-dozen stations in the SF Bay Area.

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