Friday, May 06, 2005


Happy Anniversary, You're Fired -- In About Six Months

Wednesday night, Flash 103.9 celebrates its first anniversary by throwing a Rick Springfield concert and giving away a shiny-red 2005 Ford Mustang.
Thursday morning, the station tweaks its sound with new "imaging" -- the interstitials that air between songs -- conceived by PD Staci "Chicks Who Rock" Anderson.
Thursday afternoon, First Broadcasting announces that Flash is going away.
First has sold KXCL-FM to Amador Bustos' eponymous independent Spanish broadcasting company for $23 million. Bustos formerly owned KXCL's sister station, now known as KBDB-Bob 92.1, which First will retain and continue to operate from the Commerce Circle building which Bustos has owned for years.
For the few hearty souls who remain at Flash 103.9, it is perhaps NOT the end of the line. There is rumor and speculation that the team that holds down the 80's format could be retained to staff "Bob," which just launched its "we play anything" format in late March.

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