Saturday, May 07, 2005


Modesto: Collect It, Preserve It, Then Leave

Pappas Telecasting's KTRB-AM 860 Modesto is soliciting listener contributions of broadcast memorabilia from the San Joaquin Valley.

In promos airing on the 50kw Talk Station (which is largely operated from Fresno), KTRB is asking for clippings, recordings or other historic pieces of the area's pioneering broadcasters and stations. Chester Smith, who wrote the book on local television broadcasting in Modesto and continues to operate Telemundo affiliate KCSO-LP-33 from there, gets a nice mention.

Once gathered, Pappas will establish the collection for public viewing at an as-yet undetermined location.

Interestingly, for as much as it is part of that city's broadcasting legacy, KTRB is preparing to leave Modesto. Pappas plans to relocate the station to San Francisco, perhaps as soon as this fall. It will be replaced by a new 40kw station, KPMP-AM 840. It, say Pappas executives, will be operated from Modesto.

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