Saturday, May 07, 2005


Random Rantings: Just Plain Strange

The "Less Is More" approach to fewer and shorter commercials at Clear Channel Radio's local stations is having a strange effect. KFBK, which has dominated the market for years with the only local full-time radio news department plus Rush and Tom Sullivan, has been on a steady southbound spiral since the new policy was adopted at the start of the year. True, there hasn't been a major news story of local importance to deal with, but the once monstrous ratings of KFBK have never depended upon tragic events to stay large.

Weird week at First Broadcasting. Caren Berry gets promoted to Station Manager at Flash 103.9; Staci Anderson gets promoted to Program Director of Flash 103.9. All good, and well deserved.
Later that same meeting, both newly ordained executives are told their station is being sold and flipped to Spanish, probably in six months.
Thanks for playing our game. Your raises are over there next to your pink slip and your complimentary nachos. Sorry, jalapenos and job security are extra.

I rant, therefore, I am.

The Informer

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