Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Random Rantings: KTXL, KQCA addeth news; KCSO taketh away

Welcome back from the Memorial Day weekend. Two weeks out of the country served The Informer well. More on that some other time. Now, what's happening:

The "synergy" between KOVR-13 and KMAX-31 seems to be starting to benefit both sides. Reporters from each station have been showing up on the other's broadcasts, particularly Naj Alukhan (of KMAX) with LIVE shots on KOVR's "Daybreak" newscasts; and KOVR's Diana Penna with health reports on KMAX's "Good Day Sacramento." Trust me, people -- this is not even the start of it. Once the two news teams buddy up in West Sacramento, you're not going to be able to tell much of the difference.

KTXL-40 is now rolling out the promotion for its new "Fox 40 Morning News," which debuts on Monday. The one-hour show will be anchored by Sacramento native Jennifer Parker, who most recently was an anchor and reporter in Seattle. The show airs from 7-8am.

KCSO-33, the Modesto-based Sacramento market Telemundo affiliate, has finally pulled the plug on its "rip-and-read" 6pm local newscast. Not that anyone actually noticed: even though the station is available in about 90% of the market, "Noticiero 33" barely drew flies, much less a rating. The station has a public affairs show Sunday evenings, but no immediate plans to challenge KUVS-19 in the Spanish-language local news market.
Interestingly enough, KCSO is owned by Chester Smith and his partners, who built KUVS and sold it to Univision almost seven years ago. KCSO is the original call-sign of Channel 19.

KQCA-58 is confirming it will expand its 10pm "WB58 News At Ten" to a full hour this fall, although a timetable has not been announced. The move coincides with the end of KOVR-13's 10pm weeknight newscast, which will end near the start of the new fall television season. The station will move its CBS prime time lineup back to the 8-11pm timeslot, bringing it in line with the rest of the CBS network. CBS parent Viacom recently acquired KOVR from Sinclair Broadcasting.

What is Salem going to do with 94.3? Acquired in a multi-market swap with Univision Radio, the station went from near the top of the ratings heap with its Spanish format to complete obscurity as a simulcast of KKFS-105.5 ("The Fish"). Rumblings persist that Salem may be shopping the Jackson-based stick.

First Broadcasting is apparently going to build up BOB (KBDB-92.1) before it sells it. The Dallas-based investment bankers have applied to relocate the station's transmitter, now located near the top of Apple Hill, and double the power to 6,000 watts. Staci Anderson is now programming Bob and its sister, the soon-to-be-Spanish "Flash 103.9" (KXCL).

That's the news for the last couple of weeks...stay tuned.

The Informer

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