Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Random Rantings: R.I.P. KFRC

My thoughts...

Infinity did the inevitable this week, taking the music off KFRC-AM for the last time. It sold KFRC-AM to Family Stations, the Oakland-based religious broadcaster that still runs taped sermons by dead preachers. The FCC forced the move after Infinity parent Viacom announced its intention to buy KOVR-13 in Sacramento, creating a duopoly and a cluster of six radio stations in Sacramento. Add the two big signal AM's Infinity owns in San Francisco (KFRC and KCBS-740), and the feds figured there was too much Viacom juice in the Capital City.

Not that it really matters, because KFRC-AM was nothing more than a place to stick A's baseball for the last few years (it remains on AM 610, in between dirges). But its another piece of radio history shoved in a drawer, all in the name of progress and consolidation.

Dr. Don Rose would, I suspect, not be pleased.

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