Saturday, May 07, 2005


Weather Plus On Air, On Line

KCRA-3 Sacramento has formally rolled out its new "Weather Plus" digital weather service. The channel provides non-stop local and regional weather presented in graphic form, plus constantly updated live doppler radar images and local forecasts from KCRA's Sacramento Weather Center.

The station has rebranded its forecasting team of Mark Finan, Dirk Verdoorn, Patty Souza and Eileen Javora as "KCRA 3 WeatherPlus Meteorologists" and applied the WeatherPlus brand to all its weather reporting and special coverages. Also, the station now displays each forecasters AMS (American Meteorological Society) certification seal during weather presentations.

"WeatherPlus" can be viewed over-the-air by digital television receivers only on KCRA-DT channel 35-2; and on-line through website.

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