Monday, June 13, 2005


Bakersfield: Marge Hopkins, 1919-2005

Marge Stiles Hopkins passed away last week. Though not well known outside Kern County, long-time South Valley residents will remember Hopkins as the first female weather presenter on Bakersfield television.

Long before Doppler Radar and computerized weather graphics, Marge Hopkins presented the nightly forecast on KERO-23 in Bakersfield from 1955 (shortly after the ABC affiliate was launched) to 1974. Marge Hopkins wrote numbers and "H" and "L" indicators on a glass map, long before there was color television cameras and satellite weather images. Hopkins was years ahead of her time in becoming a female presence in what was very much a white-male industry.

Marge Stiles Hopkins died of complications from a stroke on June 8. She was 85.

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