Thursday, June 02, 2005


RANDOM RANTING: First Is Last To Know...Again

When First Broadcasting acquired then-Yuba City's KXCL-103.9 in late 2003, it decided to name its 80's formatted station "Star 103.9," following the form of other similarly formatted stations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and elsewhere. Only trouble was, that name was already being used by Nevada County Broadcasting's KNCO-FM -- "Star 94.1" resisted First's urge to use its moniker and did what all good community broadcasters do: they got lawyers. Several cease and desists later, Star still had its name and KXCL had a "Name The Station" contest that generated positive buzz for the station's formal April launch.

Fast forward to this past week. First Broadcasting flipped a trio of "rimshot" FM's in the Cincinnati market to its "Bob" format, presently in use locally at KBDB-FM 92.1 Placerville. From the music to the voiceover talent, the presentation was nearly identical to the Sacramento-area version. Only trouble was...

Yep, you guessed: "Bob" already lives in the area -- at Salem Broadcasting's WBOB-AM 1160 in neighboring Florence, KY. Salem's lawyers have made it known that there's only room for one "Bob" in that there market. The First trimulcast now plays anything, but doesn't have a name. A contest may be forthcoming.

The Informer has never worked for First Broadcasting, but it seems to us that these bankers have no business being broadcasters. Radio is a nice business to be in, if you have a passion for something OTHER than money. Because very few people in it actually make money.

Memo to First: it's over. Stop pretending you know something about the business, and just GET OUT. Before anyone else gets hurt by your collective ineptitude.

The Informer

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