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Far be it from me to tell any broadcaster how to program their station. It's a business, and you have to make money. I get that -- hell, I have to make money.

But the last item on the blog about the return of "The 700 Club" to Sacramento television got me to thinking about a preacher I grew up watching. Trimmed with a white mane and eternally chomping away at his Calixto Lopez cigar, Dr. Gene Scott spent his days and nights methodically dissecting the bible, the pyramids, the FCC and the show-horse and arts communities -- all the while demanding his audience "get on the telephone" and keep those dollars flowing in.

Dr. Scott's Glendale-based ministry used to own television stations in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Hartford; and, for a time in the 70's and 80's aired on KTXL in Sacramento and KHSL in Chico. In later years, his "University Network" had one star -- the Doctor himself. Doctor Scott still airs weeknights on San Francisco's KRON from 1-2am.

Problem is -- and it's a sticky one -- Dr. Gene Scott died on February 22, 2005.

Now, the Doc's wife Melissa -- 'scuse me, that's "Pastor" Melissa Scott -- has taken over the pulpit. And she vows to continue to broadcast the tens of thousands of hours of her late husband's tapes on satellite and leased airtime TV stations "until Jesus comes."

Should broadcasters be running tapes of dead preachers, just because the preacher's wife is still paying for the air time? It's a slight question of ethics...

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