Thursday, June 09, 2005


RANDOM RANTINGS: The NEW Breaking News Leader?

All the buzz in NoCal the last two days has been about the arrest of possible Al-Qaeda wannabees in Lodi. So it came as no surprise that regional FBI director MacGreggor Scott would hold a press conference yesterday in Sacramento. What was a surprise was the lack of LIVE broadcast news coverage the event received.

KFBK-AM attempted to relay the event, but was rebuffed when it lost its feed from ABC News Radio (in the middle of Scott's remarks, a test tone came blaring through the radio leaving host Tom Sullivan scrambling a bit). On television, there was only one station that offered live coverage in the middle of afternoon programming.

Yup. You guessed it. WRONG!

In a stunning turn of events, only KOVR-CBS 13 carried the news conference as it happened. Patti Lee anchored from West Sacramento, with almost the entire PC carried live on the station that has a reputation for NOT covering breaking stories live or interrupting programming -- even on election nights! Even better -- this morning, during "Daybreak," they're running a promo touting the fact that CBS 13 was the ONLY station to offer live coverage...shouting at us that "for breaking news, turn to CBS 13."

All of this happening as News Director Jim Lemon was bounced yesterday. Could this be a sign that more aggressive news coverage is on its way to the town's third place newsroom? Is lowly, but well-meaning, KOVR about to attempt to become the market's live news coverage leader?

Better check with Dave Bender. Hell may, in fact, have frozen over.

The Informer

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