Thursday, June 16, 2005



Always nice to hear from anyone who stumbles by this little corner of the Internet. Remember: there's a comment line just underneath each item on the blog.

I recently ranted about the threat of an NBA lockout. Reader CCSAC agrees, saying: "all the bling bling, thugged out NBA players is a turn off to the red states. There are no true stars anymore to attract the casual fan."

CCSAC also got in a blast on Wednesday's KCRA-3 Sacramento news coverage of a high speed police chase: "I love hearing the anchors try to comment, narrate, and generally just provide an audio track to the chase video. Listening to them coming up with new things to say is priceless. '
KCRA anchor: Usually you see the driver wave his arm outside of the window. You havent seen that this chase.'"

Gentle reader "jammerdave" made some appropriate and accurate footnotes to our piece a couple of days ago about FM power limits, particular as regards the status of KZZO-100.5 Sacramento: "actually, all station listed as Class "C" in your blog are actually Class "B", with the exception of KZZO. KZZO is directional, as it is short spaced with another station. It has (or at least had) the opportunity to downgrade to a full "B", and go non-directional, but the owners at the time decided not to do that (I was Engineer there at the time)." Good points, all -- thanks to jammerdave, and to all who take the time to read, write, and most importantly THINK!

Remember -- I'm the one with the're the one with the eyes and ears. Feel free to respond.

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