Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Sacto: Welcome to LA!

This morning at 9;40, KCRA-3 interrupted programming for wall-to-wall coverage of a police chase through Placer and Sacramento counties, along Interstate 80. John Hamilton is reporting from LiveCopter3, with studio analysis by Walt Gray and Deirdre Fitzpatrick. As the pursuit ended, Hamilton's aerial shot did push in tight -- in stark contrast to the rules of engagement for Los Angeles TV choppers who go to a wide shot to avoid the possibility of bloodshed being televised live.

The pursuit came to a swift conclusion after the suspect's car was spiked-stripped by the CHP at Greenback Lane and Interstate 80. The female suspect went from 100mph to zero in about ten seconds, pulled to the center median and stopped. No residual accidents, injuries or backups were reported.

I love hearing the anchors try to comment, narrate, and generally just provide an audio track to the chase video. Listening to them coming up with new things to say is priceless.

KCRA anchor: Usually you see the driver wave his arm outside of the window. You havent seen that this chase.
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