Saturday, June 18, 2005


Who Is Mark C. Allen?

Not much is known of Mark C. Allen, who suddenly finds himself in the role of communications mini-magnate in some of America's smallest, most unique broadcast regions. His television properties include:

Allen's first acquisition was (and is) KCNR-AM 1460 Shasta City. Over the last three-plus years, the tiny 750 watt station has been off-air about as much as its been broadcasting, bouncing from format to format. KCNR just resumed broadcasting last week after 15 months of silence. Allen has installed the Jones Radio Network's "Music Of Your Life" satellite format there. Four years ago, and under original calls KMCA, Allen was fined by the FCC for a host of violations at its main studio site. Last year Allen sold the CP for KJPR 1330 in Shasta Lake to Jefferson Public Radio.

Well, he now has on the air KSPP TV Channel 8 serving Los Angeles with its Digital Channel 3 for Beverly Hills "Now he is a big fish in the second largest market in the US",
Mark C. Allen for the fun of it put a AM on 1450 in Hilo Hawaii just because he vacations there twice a month, Some say He's worth over 20 Million.
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